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Learn what Divination is, How it Works, and How to get into alignment with who you are without all the doubt, gripping fear, or lack of courage, to achieve Insight, Guidance, Clarity, and Wisdom using simple steps.

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7-Day Divination Training:

Hey, Soul Sister! Does this sound like you?

  • Do you want answers and direction?

  • Do you want to learn to silence your Inner Critic?

  • Do you want to feel deeply, unconditionally, Opalescently LOVED? 


But right now, you feel:

  • unclear, unloved, unseen, unheard, and unworthy?

  • lost and without direction? 

  • like you are just not enough? 


If you’re nodding your head, you’re in the right place. I understand how frustrating, overwhelming, and confusing it can be.

I want you to know that whatever your goal, desire, or dream is. It is 100% possible for you, and I’m here to help you succeed!


SIGN UP for my free 7-day Divination training to learn about:


  • Divination

  • How Divination Leads to Self-Development

  • My Unique Enchanted Divination Psychic Readings


Here’s a sneak peek into what’s included:


Lesson 1 - Where do you go when you need an answer?  

  • When you don't know where to turn?

  • When you feel that sense of lack? 

  • When you need insight, clarity, guidance, and wisdom?  


Lesson 2 - What is Divination?​

  • History of Divination

  • Different Methods of Divination 


Lesson 3 - The Hows

  • How Divination Works

  • How to formulate questions

  • Journaling as an Essential Foundation

Lesson 4 - The Deeper Purpose for Asking Questions

  • Don't Miss this lesson!! Stunning examples of questions and the guidance that comes through. 

  • Tips for not limiting questions 

Lesson 5  - How Divination Works with Us 

  • Transformation 

  • Deep Healing

Lesson 6  - Detailed, Profound, Insightful Way to

  • Peel the layers for Healing

  • Changing, growing, and developing move us to fascinating Magic in our lives. 

  • Divination as a tool for self-development

Lesson 7 - What Kind of Results You May See in Yourself

  • Surprise!

Basket of gemstone hearts with gorgeous gold tapestry underneath

But hold on… let’s back up a second so I can properly introduce myself.

Hey Soul Sister,

 I’m GinaMaria Opalescent, an international psychic reader and teacher who helps people who dream big gain the courage to uncover and follow their Soul’s Path using my Enchanted Divination psychic readings and workshops. 


I’m also an advocate for people with disabilities and an eternal metaphysical student who believes in justice and magic! 


My story looks a lot like yours. I was someone who constantly struggled with sefl-doubt and a lack of self-worth. I watched The Secret over and over. I put a lot of people on a pedestal to see if some of what they had would rub off on me.  I wondered if I'd ever move forward. 


Enchanted Divination and Oracles completely changed the game for me.


They have given me the confidence to listen to my intuition, trust my guidance, and stretch into my own divine brilliance. It’s changed everything and given me the courage and allowed me to put myself out there in so many ways!!


I know it can do the same for you. So what are you waiting for?!

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Beautiful 30 something woman with straight brown hair, a warm smile and sleevless black top looking to her right

Adrienne Kochhare, Owner of Empath Posse

"Working with GinaMaria has been a joy and a pleasure. She worked with me to get to the root of the issues that were plaguing me and transform my inner self-talk with the cards drawn, colors and visions that came forth in the readings.

I highly recommend her to anyone who is doing inner work and would like their obstacles brought to light and resolved."


Are you ready to ditch the overwhelm and frustration?


Are you ready to move forward toward the life waiting for you?

Sign Up to get your free 7-day Divination training!


What do you have to lose?

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