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GinaMaria Opalescent



GinaMaria Opalescent smiling with a modern painting behind her

If you're looking for  Enchanted Divination Psychic Readings, Expert Oracle readings, or a path to profound self-knowledge

You're in the right place! 

I'm an International Psychic Reader and Teacher who guides people to uncover and follow their Soul's Path with my Enchanted Divination Psychic Readings.


Enchanted Divination PsychicReadings

Transform your belief in yourself from unworthiness to discovering the depth of your soul's worthiness.

What they're saying!

Thank you so much, GinaMaria. That was exactly the perfect message that went right to the core, beyond what I asked. It was like I didn't quite answer the right question, and you lasered in on the answer that went right to mi corazón (my heart.) 


It was very validating and releasing. It´s not usual for me to get this kind of validation; you just laser-beamed in. It was so efficient.  I came to you with the question, What can I do to create peace with my partner? You jumped to the true core of the issue and pulled the perfect message out with such efficiency, with such grace, and ease. It was exactly what I needed to hear, and it actually has nothing to do with my partner! 


woman shuffling oracle cards

Expert Oracle Readings

Be prepared to go to the core of your question!


I'm happy to tell you more.

The things I am most passionate about in life are: constantly learning about everything metaphysical, all different cultures, and politics, which to me is about values. I'm always watching the news or listening to podcasts. I also love laughing. It's good for the Soul!

 And I am lucky to do readings for people to teach them and remind them of their greatness.

I inspire others, give them the tools, empower them to believe in themselves and guide them to move forward toward a path of Soul growth and evolution. 


“I’ve never experienced such an enlightening moment as when I met GinaMaria for a reading over a cup of coffee. It is a moment I reflect back on often on my path of self-discovery.”



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